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Julius Caesar Cleopatra Christopher Temporelli- Director
Hard Feelings Selma Weiss-Barron Studio-Director Jeffrey Zeiner
Critical Moments Waitress Weiss-Barron Studio-Director Jeffrey Zeiner
A Midsummer’s Night Dream Titiana TGW Productions (Off Broadway)
Broadway Night Singer Ken Friese, Director (Long Island)
Twelfth Night  Valentine TGW Studio (Off Broadway)
The Glass Menagerie Amanda Thomas G Waites, director (Scene Study)
Bellevue Sketches Nurse Nora TG Waites, director – Players Theater
The Rink    Anna David Sabella-Mills, Director
The Murder Game Mrs. Wakeshaw Pace Downtown Theater (Off-Broadway)
Just A Matter of Time Foxy Sandy Dutton, Director (Broadway)
Criminal Possession Writer Pace Downtown Theater (Off-Broadway)


On the Brink of Jesus Det. Jones Sevi Regis, Director
Chum Principal Durante, Director
The Great Detective    Writer Cablevision
Packin’ in Suburbia Teacher S. Slarski, Producer


Hit or Miss   Hilda Prianti Productions – Cable
Indies insider   Self Drake Media – Cable
Criminal Justice Today Host DeVeux Productions - Cable
Smoked (pilot)  Opera Singer  Slumberett Productions - Cable
Mary Poppins Goes Berserk Mrs.Banks NYU Productions – RLang Producer

Special Skills

Professor of Criminal Justice - Doctorate in Education
Retired New York City Detective  


Singers Forum – Musical Theater Master Class - Mark Simon, Eric Michael Gillett Weist-Barron – Acting for Film and TV- Jeffrey Zeiner, Liz Caplan Studios– Aimee Steel vocal coach, Shakespeare and Classical Theater – Thomas G. Waites, The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre – Jim Brill, William Esper Studios – Terry Knickerbocker, Patrick Michael Wickham V.P.P – vocal coach Musical Theater - training - David Sabella-Mills. Diction – Neutral American, - Pat Fletcher – William Esper Studios – Terry Knickerbocker.

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